Dear Customers, we hereby notify you that the Ip Gold leaves for docking (scheduled repairing operations) approximately in the period from 44 to 46 weeks inclusive.

About the company

The new linear service of our company involves the organization of regular container shipping between the nearest seaport to the Republic of Armenia "Batumi" and the largest seaport in the south of Russia "Novorossiysk".

The main task of this linear service is to optimize the cargo flows of export-import destinations between Armenia, Georgia and Russia, in the context of growing trade turnover.

The operator of this linear service in three regions is C&M INTERNATIONAL LLC based on the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia dated March 24, 2022 N

400-L and the agreement between the Republic of Armenia and C&M INTERNATIONAL LLC dated May 5, 2022 N 644-L.

Completed schedule

Diagram of a multimodal node

* Cargo delivery in one direction takes 3-5 days, while the speed and cost of transportation does not depend on external factors (not subject to seasonality)

The main positive impact of the new linear service on the economy of Armenia, Georgia and Russia

  • Stable and predictable transport links between strategically important partners, including within the framework of the EurAsEC.
  • The development of trade and economic cooperation between Russia, Georgia and Armenia, as a result, an increase in trade turnover between the countries.
  • Ensuring the receipt of additional tax payments to the budgets of the countries.
  • Organization of transportation of combined cargoes in one container, which will increase demand from small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Development of transport infrastructure and technologies that ensure the organization of container transportation.

The main positive impact of the new linear service on the Armenian economy

  • Significant influence on the development of the railway and modern types of cargo transportation.
  • Redistribution of cargo traffic during the period of restrictions on the permissible volumes of wheat or wheat-rye flour transportation on the territory of Georgia by road.
  • An alternative path to the Upper Lars. A strategic solution for the withdrawal of Armenia from transport dependence. Ensuring the economic security of the country.
  • Ensuring stable cargo flow, in conditions of constantly increasing trade turnover between trading partners.
  • Reducing the load on border customs posts, increasing the service life of the road surface, reducing accidents on the roads, a positive impact on the increase in tourist flow.